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Decker, Gero; Barros, Alistair; Michael Kraft, Frank; Lohmann, Niels
Non-desynchronizable Service Choreographies
In Athman Bouguettaya and Ingolf Krüger and Tiziana Margaria, Editor, Service-Oriented Computing -- ICSOC 2008, 6th International Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 1-5, 2008. Proceedings Band 5364 aus Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Seite 331-346.
Herausgeber: Springer-Verlag,


  • A precise definition of interaction behavior between services is a prerequisite for successful business-to-business integration. Service choreographies provide a view on message exchanges and their ordering constraints from a global perspective. Assuming message sending and receiving as one atomic step allows to reduce the modelers' effort. As downside, problematic race conditions resulting in deadlocks might appear when realizing the choreography using services that exchange messages asynchronously. This paper presents typical issues when desynchronizing service choreographies. Solutions from practice are discussed and a formal approach based on Petri nets is introduced for identifying desynchronizable choreographies.

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