Mia - Calculating migration information


Given a running instance in a state qold of Sold, instance migration is the task of finding some state qnew of Snew such that resuming the execution in state qnew does not affect any partner of Sold. We call the transition from qold to qnew a jumper transition.

Mia is a tool to calculate the set of jumper transitions between two given services.

Case Study

For a paper submitted to ICSOC 2009, we migrated several real WS-BPEL processes to their public view.

This case study using Mia can be replayed using a Web-based implementation http://service-technology.org/live#mia.

Download and Install

Mia is free software and is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. Other licenses can be negotiated with the author.

Mia is written in C/C++ and packaged by the GNU Autotools. To compile and install, unpack the tarball and execute the following commands:



make install

For more information, please have a look at the files README, INSTALL, and REQUIREMENTS which are part of the source release.

Note: Mia requires Wendy and LoLA to be installed.


A manual is part of the source release. A PDF version can be found here. After you installed Mia, you can get help by executing either of the following commands:

mia --help

man mia

info mia

For examples how to use Mia, please also check the Web-based implementation at http://service-technology.org/live#mia.